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Project Preparation for Cooling Facilities

During Project Preparation for Cooling Facilities, we use not only our knowledge, but also the acquired experience in the past decades. And at the same time, for more sophisticated projects, we cooperate with renowned foreign companies that are world leaders in this area of the industry.
The final goal in this process is of course fulfilling the needs of our clients, but at the same time we have in mind that the solutions should also be: economically sound, and ecologically sustainable.

Design of Meat Rails

When designing the meat rails we take into account the overall dimensions of the room where they are intended to be installed, the height of the same, and then about the placement of the openings and doors to the room, and also the placement of the refrigeration devices - evaporators.
The load of the rails is one of the most important characteristics which we know from the client requirements. The same in the relation to where the elements for connection and support are needed to be placed, is giving the final look of the meat rail transport system.